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Chaplaincy, Cultural Entrepreneur, and Social Technology & Innovation in New York

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GUILDWORKS companies ( Urban Outreach & GUILDWORKSdeXgnHYVE arts media) encompass worldwide interfaith & ecumenical, secular music, design and digital arts in a hyve of multimedia collectives. Composed of established, emerging and unknown spiritually/socially-conscious HipHop, including poetry (slam) artists, producers and emCs, filmmakers, visual artists and videoistas; Architects and designers — as well as Interfaith and street lay Clergy including lay/ordained ministers and Chaplains comprise the body of GUILDWORKScompanies, creating its unique force of nature as arts ambassadorship in cultural diplomacy. Financially fueling GUILDWORKS' global vision, artists, patrons and participants—together with their respective communities, and extended families through social media reach and a new world of human connection at 6º, use and deXgnHYVE's micro-business initiative's in art and music repurposing American, Eurasian and Canadian technologie, bringing developed-world resources to underserved and marginalized communities globally. Our business enterprises and fellowships engender Intrafaith, Abrahamic "radical hospitality" in an increasingly divisive, schismatic nation and world, embrace of the stranger in our midst through arts initiatives and partnered organizations or businesses directly serving homeless, addicted-rehabilitated, mass-incarcerated and those burdened under the struggling indignities of immigration and race issues. As well as those operating in privileged cultural arts sectors. GUILDWORKS introduces innovative, tech-based social-preneurial methods for exploring and positively leveraging humanity's cultural wealth – toward beautifying and spiritually resourcing marginalized and poor communities. Built in 2007 in Santa Fe New Mexico, we've been amassing spiritual capital for over three decades, catalyzing faith and cultures in brining humanity together from common ground.

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